SHOW CAP: Innovative Communication for Young People


The main objectives of the project are “to help explain, implement and develop the CAP and to raise public awareness of its content and objectives, to inform farmers and other parties active in rural areas and to promote the European model of agriculture, as well as to help citizens understand it”.

In order to communicate to the younger generations themes that often have a very institutional or documentary approach, animated films created with sand (Sand Art) have been used.

Communicating through the evocative images of Sand Art, it overcomes the confines of the word and arrives in a direct and synthetic way to the spectators.

The project has produced 12 videos in Sand Art, 6 dedicated to young people and are shown in places frequented mainly by young people: music festivals, cinemas, venues where live music is played, events, fairs.

6 other videos are dedicated to an audience of children and projected mainly through teachers of music and traditional schools.

The short films are distributed and screened in places frequented mainly by young people: music festivals, cinemas, venues where live music is played, events, fairs.

A digital video distribution campaign is organized on all the Media available to the project partners, in particular on the sites of all the agricultural cooperatives linked to the Legacoop agro-food industry in Northern Italy.

Moreover, with the images taken from the videos and related contents, a book was printed that – along with a DVD containing all the short films – is distributed free as educational material in numerous schools throughout Italy.



  • Climate change (in particular, on the measures adopted by the CAP to face them);
  • Food security (in order to explain what CAP does in the food security protection);
  • The rural environmental (in order to explain the protection of the rural environment and the importance of a fair reward for farmers);
  • The most valuable resource (to explain the importance of WATER);
  • The importance of a healthy diet (with particular reference to the consumption of milk, vegetables and fruit; also in schools);
  • The 4 F of Agriculture: Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel.



  1. 6 video in Sand Art for young
  2. 6 video in Sand Art for children
  3. 10000 books
  4. 10000 dvd with 12 videos in Sand Art and 6 videos without audio to be used as educational tool
  5. 5000 promotional postcards of the project

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